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  • UFi Box International Version

UFi Box International Version

Cód. do Produto: CE4233C

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R$ 1.949,00

UFi Box is a powerful EMMC service tool. Box can read EMMC user data, as well as repair, resize, format, erase, read/write and update the EMMC firmwre on Samsung, China phone SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, Micron and other brands *.
UFi Box - Features:

Repair EMMC
Resize EMMC
Format EMMC
Write full data, fully erase
Read boot1
Read boot2
Read User Data
Update firmware
Work via test point
UFi Box - Advantages:

Has its own software, box works stand-alone
Display information which is easily understood by the user or newbie. Easy to use, one-click operations, no need to configure
Database of various kinds of IC EMMC, which in included in the software of UFi box
Support of IC EMMC Samsung and China phone SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, Micron and other brands *
UFi Box works faster compare to other boxes, because it uses a 8-bit full speed interface
UFi Box - Hardware Features:

USB 2.0 High-Speed (480 Mbps)
Modern design, with built-in LDO Voltage Out and external power source
Secured with Java smart-card and online system
Multi-protocol ready, with 20 (13 usable) multi-purpose IO pins and 1 full-speed USB-HOST
Integrated software managed with protection
UFi Box - Software Features:

Universal platform
Stand-alone and user-friendly
Secure platform - online (server-based) authentication
Supported many up-to-date repair solution
Integrated file synchronizing function
UFi Box - Compatibility:

UFi software developed inside Windows 7 64bit environment, but it can work with all other Windows versions, starting from Windows XP.
However, recommended to use the UFi software with Windows 7 or later.
Software and drivers have been tested on the following OSes:
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32bit)
Windows 7 Home (32bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)
Windows 8 Professional (64bit)
Windows 8.1 Professional (64bit)
Windows 10 Final (64bit)
UFi Box - Package Contents:

UFi Box USB 2.0 High-Speed + Smart-card
UFI-Lite USB 3.0 Super-Speed SD/eMMC reader
2-in-1 eMMC/eMCP socket (169-FBGA,153-FBGA,162-FBGA,186-FBGA)
eMMC/eMCP socket (221-FBGA)
UFI ISP adapter V2
USB data cable
USB to DC 5V external power cable
Over 3.3TB compressed files (and counting) available on support server. UFi software comes with built-in download manager, so user can easily download required files.
* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

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