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  • Ativação INFERNO TOOL | 01 Ano de ativação

Ativação INFERNO TOOL | 01 Ano de ativação

Cód. do Produto: 397F99D

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R$ 299,00

This Inferno Tool 1 Year Activation is for Inferno Dongle (without activation). After the expiration of trial period you need to purchase this activation in order to continue to use Inferno Dongle.
Inferno Dongle - work with Samsung, LG, Sony, BlackBerry, Nokia mobile phones *.
While placing the order, you should provide us with your DogID (device serial number) and activation code of your Inferno Key.
Please follow these steps:
Download the latest version of Inferno MTK software from here
Install the software on your PC
Run the software and copy from there the DogID (device serial number) and activation code (case-sensitive)
Provide us with these codes, while placing the order
If you can’t launch the software, please check these possible errors and solutions
Update: Volcanobox 3.0 AKA Inferno v.0.1C - New Features:
Added Phone Hardware details auto save as file name
When you read bin file
MTK6592 - Improved Read Factory File
MTK6595 - Improved Read Bin File
MTK6735 - Improved IMEI Repair
MTK6580 - Improved IMEI Repair
MTK6577 - Improved IMEI Repair
MTK6735 - Improved Wipe Data and Cache
MTK6577 - Improved Wipe Data and Cache
MTK6580 - Improved Wipe Data and Cache
Inferno Dongle - MTK Feature List:
Bellow explained available functions / buttons in the software (please see additional picture).
Read Information
Read Information
Read Information (Extended)
Read Flash (bin)
Write Flash (bin)
Unlock Phone
Unlock USB
Reset Pattern Lock ( EMMC )
Reset Pin Lock ( EMMC )
Reset Password Lock ( EMMC )
Reset Theft Lock ( EMMC )
Clear FRP ( EMMC )
Format Clear Lock
Unlock ADB
Reset Pattern Lock ( ADB )
Reset Pin Lock ( ADB )
Reset Password Lock ( ADB )
Reset Theft Lock ( ADB )
Clear FRP ( ADB )
Bootloader FastBoot
Auto Format
Total Format
Part Format
Wipe Data / Cache
Backup Factory File
Write Factory File
Clear Virus
Root ( ADB )
Root ( USB )
ADB Model
Read Information
Backup Factory Files
Read NV
Write NV
Clear Locks
Feature Phone
Read Flash
Write Flash

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